We welcome you to the website of Industrial Holographics

Our goal

Our goal is to further and expand technologies in the Virtual Reality spectrum such as AR, VR, and MR. While we focus on our main locations USA, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, we are active globally. We specialize on industrial scenarios, gaming, and in education, where we have extensive expertise.

Who are we
Industrial Holographics was established by Andreas Erben, Christian Waha and Raphael Köllner.
We are three Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (Microsoft MVPs) active in the areas of IoT, Cloud (Azure), Windows and Application Development, Windows Insider, and Office 365 combined with expertise in business and law.
Decades of experience in consulting, IT, software engineering, and software development enable us to look at complex software projects holistically. We cover the breadth from envision, inception, implementation, to operations including technical, economic, and legal aspects.

Our firm was established from the community and for the community to further new technologies. We have the firm believe, that technology innovations in Virtual Reality, Cloud, and Internet of Things can change the world in positive ways. We are committed to contribute to this.
Our community engagements include teaching at schools and universities, we organize free meetups, we plan conferences as well as participate and contribute to world-wide events such as “Hour of Code” or the #WINsiders4good project.

The Community
The three founders come from the community and have served the community spirit for over 15 years in various roles, establishing user groups and meetups, speakers, contributors, and participants. There was no question and no hesitation to create a Microsoft HoloLens Community when the startup company was established. This engagement immediately was benefitial as we met new people, discussed various topics, argued about controversial aspects, and eventually resulted in the largest HoloLens Community. You are invited to be part of it!

We are looking forward to get in touch!

Your IHG Team